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The Delta Five Test

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Posted 29 July 2005 - 10:56 AM

Delta Five Inflammation Profile

This test is also known as the Esseential Metabolic Fatty Acid test and is one of the most important and useful tests that we can perform. It gives a comprehensive breakdown of the activity of the fatty acids from which the body?s inflammation is derived.
By knowing the ratio of the pro inflammatory to antiinflammatory hormones in your body, you can then actively reduce this by alterations to diet and supplementation.
Reduced inflammation produces reduced pain and improved well being and has been shown in research to be associated with an improvement in function in MS and a large reduction in heart disease. The test also shows activity of the Delta Five De Saturase enzyme, which is the principal enzyme, involved in the production of inflammatory hormones. This information can be very useful in advising on dietary changes.

The Delta Five Inflammation Profile is a blood test, which has, be to be taken on a fasted subject on a Monday or Tuesday.
You will have to arrange for someone locally to take the sample, most General Practices have been very helpful in this regard. The sample has be accompanied by a frozen gel pack as it analysed by the Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab in the United States of America.
Unfortunately this test is not available in the National Health Service in the UK. The UK distributors for this company are Diagnostic Services/Nutri Ltd. For those outside the UK, international distributors are available in twenty countries which are listed on the Great Smokies web side www.gsdl.com. Go to SUPPORT, international.

The result will usually take 3 ? 4 weeks to be processed; it will come first to our medical advisor Dr Tom Gilhooly for analysis although we are planning to automate this process to speed things up to 2 ?3 weeks.

If you wish to have the Delta Five Inflammation Profile carried out then fill in the attached form. Your name address and contact details will be sent to Diagnostic Services Ltd (or equivalent) and they will invoice you directly for the cost of the test. This price is a trade discounted price and is currently ?76.50 in the UK but may vary in other areas. The medical questions in the form will be sent to Dr Tom Gilhooly, our medical advisor for information only and will be confidential. This information will be shared only with your consent via email. It is not obligatory to complete the section on GP and Neurologist and no contact will be made with your health care providers without consent.

If your levels of inflammation are shown to be high, then changes to your diet and supplementation will be advised. This has consistently been shown to reduce inflammation and improve health.
The Delta Five Inflammation test is one of the most important you will ever take. We generally recommend retesting in approximately six months.

Disablity rating ? It would be very useful if you could rate your current level of disability using this drop down menu.

1. Not disabled ? mild signs of MS
2. Mild disability
3. Moderate disability, able to work and walk without aid.
4. Moderately severe disability but still walking without aid, 300 ? 500 metres
5. Daily function affected, can walk 100 ? 200 metres unaided.
6. Walking only with assistance or aid 20 ? 50 metres.
7. Limited walking 5 ? 10 metres with assistance, uses wheelchair.
8. In wheelchair or bed most of day.
9. In bed, dependent on others totally

To order a blood test in the UK, visit to the LDN Research Trust website, there is a button on the Home Page.

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